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LT Natural Group® is an innovative and dynamic Italian reality born from the intuition of entering a global context. This scenario requires on the one hand the biosecurity of food and the reduction of antibiotics in agriculture and livestock, on the other hand a change of direction through the development and use of foods capable of improving the health status of animals, to enhance the performances guaranteeing the sustainability of terrestrial productions.


Approaching with the "One Health" method that binds human, animal and plant health and welfare to populated ecosystems and following the guidelines dictated by the WHO and the OIE, LT Natural Group® offers a real product system that is not limited to the delineation of a single good or service, but constitutes a flexible architecture capable of covering the entire production chain.


In addition to the activities already consolidated by the companies of the group (such as trading and importing raw materials or third-party production) are added the LT Natural group® brand products for animal nutrition, nutraceuticals and phyto-dermocosmetics for veterinary and human use.


The corporate image is built and combined with the brands Algatan®, La Nera, Cuprotan® and LT BioTest, with the aim of creating a strong positioning and social impact that translates into tangible and intangible assets; these resources are enhanced through intense promotional activity, the organization of seminars, conferences and events aimed at raising awareness of customers and collaborators on the purpose, generating value in people and sharing the business vision: “from producer to table” with consumer products, with a view to reaching the global market, thus defining a wide range that can be used to build new potential market opportunities or accessory lines.


The polycentric model of LT Natural Group® follows particular strategic objectives that guarantee all stakeholders real results and growth opportunities. Furthermore, the company encourages and finances professional refresher courses for its collaborators to remain in line with the needs of a competitive and rapidly expanding market.

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