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The organic production method has a dual social function, on the one hand providing a specific market which meets the demand for biological products from consumers and, on the other hand, providing public goods that contribute to environmental protection, animal welfare and rural development.


LT Natural Group® from July 2020 obtained the BIO Certification (code 02756/101308/197/20) according to the EC Regulation 834/2007. This legislation defines a production method that takes into account all those forms of cultivation and breeding that tend to enhance and preserve biological production systems, without the use of synthetic chemicals, carrying out a function of environmental protection and conservation of the rural space, using renewable energy in the best possible way and enhancing territorial, environmental and natural resources.



Furthermore, through certifications according to GMP+ and FAMI-QS standards, the company ensures that animal feed and its ingredients meet the legal requirements (European Regulation for Feed Hygiene – 183/2005) and respect agreements with other actors in the supply chain.



  • Building trust in customers and all stakeholders by demonstrating that feed or feed ingredients are produced by safe processes.
  • Extend into new markets.
  • Enable customers to request supplier certification and verification.
  • Improve efficiency.
  • Demonstrate that all reasonable precautions in terms of feed safety have been taken.
  • Reduce the number of audits carried out by customers and, consequently, reduce management times.
  • Reduce waste and product recalls.
  • Improve relations with food safety authorities.
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